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The First No-Strings-Attached $1MM Grant for Entrepreneurs.

We shared our journey to $10MM in ARR with Groove. Today, our next journey begins - creating a self-sustaining $1MM grant to help keep other entrepreneurs in control of their business. No equity stake, no board seats, no pressure.

Discover Why

Hi there,

Eight years ago, I took a risk that, at the time, seemed crazy.

My friends and colleagues—even my own team—urged me not to do it. One of my mentors told me, it was “absolutely ridiculous” and “would end the company”.

It was a desperate measure, to be sure, but I was in a desperate position: fighting for my company's life. Fast forward to today, and our company is, by nearly any definition, a success.

We’re not a hyper-growth startup like some of our competitors, but we employ over a dozen people, serve thousands of customers, and have helped millions of entrepreneurs throughout the world.

So what was the crazy risk I took that made it all possible 8 years ago?

I decided, against nearly all advice, to pull back the curtain and share everything our company was going through.

Our revenue, traffic, internal data, wins, fails and everything else we learned along the way. I had no clue at the time, but this Journey to $100k a Month post would not only save the company, it would propel it to heights I would have never dreamed imaginable.

Monthly Revenue

I’d go on to write 250+ more posts about founding, growing and scaling a SaaS business, which would be read by 5,000,000+ other entrepreneurs and CEOs, with over 25,000 comments and millions of shares on social media.

I didn’t write this introduction to this post because of any weird image I have of myself as a hero (I’m not). I did it because as I reflect on the journey we’ve been through, I barely recognize the person I was, and the company we were, back when we took our first steps.

We hit that $100k MRR milestone in 18 months, and have continued to grow.

But today, we’re starting on an entirely new journey. This one isn’t about our own growth.

It’s about yours.

The $1MM Groove Grant

Businesses—including ours—have long struggled with the decision to take outside capital versus self-funding and staying in control.

It’s a tough call that many entrepreneurs struggle to make.

Now, they don’t have to.

Unlike funds that are backed by investors looking for outsized returns, we’re taking a different approach.

We’re going to seed the next generation of scrappy entrepreneurs with $1MM in no-strings-attached grants to grow their companies the way they want to. No equity stake, no board seats, no pressure.

If this seems crazy, that’s because it is.

But so was revealing our most sensitive company data along our growth journey, and that worked out pretty well. So we’re not afraid to try something crazy again.

It’s more than just funding

Yes, we’re offering funding to add fuel to your fire.

But, it’s just not about the funding.

With the grant you’ll be entered into our 1-year remote accelerator program, which will provide you with guidance, advice, and mentorship from entrepreneurs and operators who have been in your shoes.

Here’s how it works…

You’ll submit an application for the 2022 accelerator program. Please note, for the first class we will only be accepting eCommerce and Saas companies.

Our board of advisors for the accelerator program will review your application, and a member of our team will reach out within 2-4 weeks to give you a yay or nay.

Don’t worry, we’ll be quick.

Our check sizes for the no-strings-attached grants will range from $50K to $250K+, based on your business needs.

The only thing we ask of those selected is that you must be willing to share everything about your journey publicly. Just like we did with Groove. Wins, fails, financials, and everything else in between.

Blog posts.


YouTube interviews.

Worried about baring it all?

Don't be, and here's why: transparency made us a stronger company, and it will do the same for you.

You'll get feedback from our community, keep yourself and your team accountable, and get your business in front of our audience of millions.

Through your lessons learned, we’ll create the most transparent and impactful community in the world for entrepreneurs to learn how to grow their own businesses from your journey’s.

So what’s next?

Applications are open now for the spring 2022 cohort.

If you’re an entrepreneur struggling with the decision to raise capital for the next stage of your businesses and passionate about helping other entrepreneurs through documenting your journey with us, apply for the Groove Grant.

It’s totally free, and you don’t have to be a Groove customer to apply.


Alex Turnbull
CEO, Helply

Let’s grow together.

We’re on a mission to give $1MM in no-strings-attached grants to small businesses.

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